VR Wardrobe HUD’s Add-on

No more searching for your HUD’s. With the VR Wardrobe HUD’s Add-on you can attach the HUD’s of your items in one click!

The VR Wardrobe Add-on HUD consists of a small buttons that easily fits next to your VR Wardrobe HUD.

The color of the HUD indicates the status and if there are HUD’s available:

  • Yellow: Loading.
  • White: There are no HUD’s for the items you are currently wearing in the category/folder.
  • Red: There are HUD’s but they are not attached (click to attach HUD’s).
  • Green: There are HUD’s and they are attached (click to detach HUD’s).

To setup the HUD’s for your item the only thing you need to do is create a HUD folder inside of your item folder and add the HUD that corresponds to your item.

The VR Wardrobe HUD’s Add-on automatically checks the category you have selected on your VR Wardrobe for attached items. As soon as it finds HUD/s it will turn red (or green when you already have the HUD’s attached).

When you change the category on the VR Wardrobe the VR Wardrobe HUD’s Add-on will automatically update and re-scan for HUD’s. Also when you change/detach clothes using the VR Wardrobe the appropriate HUD’s get detached automatically.