Updates Jan 2023

Two big updates for the month of January.

The Auto Group Change Deluxe has been updated to version 1.29 (11 Jan 2023). This update fixes issues with the group of a specific parcel getting removed due to a viewer and/or connection bug. Do note that parcels might still get removed due to a parcel UUID mismatch. When parcels are cut the UUID of that parcel changes (and the HUD stores the group and UUID of the parcel).

The Easy Say HUD has been updated to version 1.46 (18 Jan 2023). This version brings3 new features (requested by you guys). “Owner Say” to only show messages to you (so you can copy and paste text), “Region Say” that can be used to communicate with scripts & “AV Name / Link” as a other option to show your name in chat.

To get the update simply request a re-delivery in the main store or on Marketplace.