To script or to update my website?

Iv been on a role lately with product ideas and scripting fingers and have added 21 products to my shop and marketplace since my last post.

There are 3 products you definitely want to check out, because they are unique and i personally haven’t seen anything like them in SL before. Which is also the reason i made them.

Teleport Buddies

A HUD that lets you automatically teleport your friends without them having to click anything. Shopping can be so difficult when you go from store to store and having to teleport all your friends over every time. What if you don’t have to and as soon as you teleport they automatically teleport with you?

Well this is exactly what Teleport Buddies does.

Easy Teleport Room

Have to many locations? Have multiple stores or places where you always go? Where do you have your home locations set?

I have my home locations set to a room filled with teleporters. So instead of searching i just walk true a door and am where i want to be.

I have made 2 rooms with 8 and 12 grid-wide teleporters that you can now get and have the same luxury. Plus setup is as easy as dropping in a landmark and you are done.

Easy Chat Trigger

What is a chat trigger. Well you probably have a few in your inventory. Like when someone says the word fall in local chat you fall on the floor or when someone says the word run you start running around. This can be a lot of fun, especial in a full club.

The Easy Chat Trigger is just this but takes it to a whole new level. Instead of having many different chat trigger object you get one HUD that can run them all plus a bunch of advanced features that the other ones don’t have.