The VR Wardrobe

The Ultimate Wardrobe solution that lets you get dressed with 1 click!
The VR Wardobe lets you setup +1000 items and comes with 4 options:

The VR Wardrobe HUD can show up to 42 buttons based on the folders you have in you inventory. If you only have 6 folders setup it will only show 6 buttons. If you have 42 folders setup the HUD will automatically “create” and show more buttons.

The buttons (Folder1, Folder2, etc. in the example above) can be shown above the main bar or bellow depending on your preference. In addition it contains all the buttons that you need like Pose, Show/Hide and of-course minimize or maximize the HUD.

The HUD also lets you enable and/or disable “replace mode”. When replace mode is enabled (green), outfits in the category get replaced. If replace mode is disabled (red) then items get added. This is very useful if you use the VR Wardrobe to attach for example HUD’s or other attachments.

Quick Setup Guide

Before anything else make sure you have RLV enabled and that you have a RLV enabled viewer (like for example Firestorm).

To enable RLV you first need to enable the advanced menu in preferences (for Firestorm see picture above).

After turning on the advanced menu you will have the Advanced option in your menu bar (viewer restart may be required).

To Enable RLV simply click on RestraindLove API (see picture above). You will be prompt to restart your viewer.

Setup your RLV folder

By default the HUD looks for a folder named “VR Wardrobe” (inside your #RLV Folder).
Optional: you can change the folder by clicking the HUD and selecting [Folder] from the blue dialog menu.

Attached the HUD (right click add) and create the folders inside your “VR Wardrobe” Folder.
After adding folders click the HUD and select [Update] from the blue dialog menu.

IMPORTANT NOTE: only folders containing a item will show up in the HUD (empty folders get ignored).
In the above example the folder “Pants” contains a folder “Jeans” that contains a mesh object.

After setting up your folders attach one of the other 4 attachments: VR Wardrobe (GUI), VR Wardrobe (Main), VR Wardrobe (Room) or VR Wardrobe (Text GUI). Make sure to only attach one of them and not all 4.

After attaching one of the 4 attachments click one of the category buttons on the HUD to show your items:

To add pictures to your VR Wardrobe make a picture and add it to the contents of your HUD.
Make sure to rename your picture to match the name of the RLV folder. This is case sensitive. So if your folder is named “Jeans” make sure to type “Jeans” and not “jeans”.

After adding your pictures/images simply change the category (clicking one of the buttons on the HUD) to reload the pictures.

Tip for pictures

The VR Wardrobe looks best (in my opinion) when all pictures are made from the same angle.
To do this you can use a pose stand and the camera presets (in the viewer).