The Real Wardrobe – Quick Setup Guide

Before anything else make sure you have RLV enabled and that you have a RLV enabled viewer (like for example Firestorm).

To enable RLV you first need to enable the advanced menu in preferences (for Firestorm see picture above).

After turning on the advanced menu you will have the Advanced option in your menu bar (viewer restart may be required).

To Enable RLV simply click on RestraindLove API (see picture above). You will be prompt to restart your viewer.

Setup your RLV folder

Inside your wardrobe you will find a _Config notecard that you can edit. This notecard tells the wardrobe in what #RLV folder in your inventory to search. By default this is clothes (#RLV/clothes).

The folder in the _Config notecard has to exist in your inventory inside the #RLV folder. If for some reason your viewer didn’t automatically add the #RLV folder then create this folder (right click/new folder). A viewer restart may be required after creating the folder.

Inside the #RLV folder create a folder called clothes (or any other name that matches the name in your notecard).

Inside the clothes folder (#RLV/clothes) add folders with clothes (or any other items). See inventory picture bellow.

After you have setup your inventory click the top of the wardrobe to make the wardrobe re-scan your inventory and you are DONE.

NOTE: if your clothes folder is empty the wardrobe wont work (folders inside the clothes folders need to contain items).

Adding pictures

To add pictures to your wardrobe simply make a picture (ex: of you wearing the clothes), rename them to the name of your #RLV folder and add them to the wardrobe.

The name of the picture needs to match the name of the folder exactly.