The Easy RGB Smart Light System

The first Smart Light system that works like the one you have in RL (if you have one).
Walk in a room, light goes on, leave the room, light goes off. Plus is actually has RGB so your lights can be any color you want and they can fade between colors.

The Easy RGB Smart Light system consists of a controller and separate lamps. The lamps can be used as stand alone lamps (which are extremely low lag and almost indistinguishable from other lamps that just go on and off in regards to script usage and lag) or with the controller.

The controller takes care of all the advanced features and also insures that you only have 1 object in your house, club or venue that does the work (instead of 50 lamps with sensors that would guarantee lag everything out).

Apart from looking really cool the controller also reduces graphics lag. Since it will automatically switch lamps on and off your computer is only rendering the lights you want.

Demos of the lamps and controller can be found in my Warehouse (teleporter located in my store).

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