The Basics – Manual

Setting up a product

Many of my products contain configuration notecards or scripts. These configurations notecards and scripts are there for you to customize the behavior and settings of your product.

In order to edit a configuration notecard or script you need to do the following:
– Rez the products
– Right click on it and choose “edit”
– Go to the Content tab (If you don’t see it click on “more”)
– Double click on the configuration notecard or script (so it opens in a new window)
– Make changes, click save, and your done.


If your product does not contain a configuration notecard or script then you can either customize the setting and behavior with the blue dialog menu (that you get when clicking the product) or no customization is required.

What to edit in a configuration notecard

All configuration notecards contain comments to explain you what each configuration setting does and what the options are.
Any line in a configuration notecard that starts with a # is a comment.
Any line in a configuration notecard that does NOT start with a # is a setting.
You only need to edit settings (the lines that do NOT start with a #).

Furthermore you should only change what it behind the = sign.
(for example: DoneChangMe = This is a text you can change)

If in the above example you can change the text “This is a text you can change” to anything you want. However do NOT change “DoneChangMe = ” because that will most likely break your product.

Notecards are read line by line. This means that anything you change or edit in the configuration notecard needs to be behind the = sign.

Important: never add items to a configuration notecard!
Or in other words: never drag and drop landmarks, objects etc into a configuration notecard.

What to edit in a configuration script

This is very different depending on the product.
However all configuration scripts just like notecards contain comments.
Comments in a script start with // or start with /* and end with */ and are color coded in orange.