The Ban Gun

The Ban Gun can eject, teleport home, ban, temp ban or even move avatars using a experience. Use the Ban Gun as a security tool, to have fun with your friends or go as far as to setup a whole combat sim.

The Ban Gun comes in 2 parts. The Ban Gun itself and the Ban Gun Server. For the Gun to have the ability to eject, ban etc you will need to rez the server on your land and you need to have ban & eject permissions on the land or permission to deed the server in case of group owned land.

Think about the server as a Security Orb. Except in this case its a Security Orb that waits for instructions from guns that report when someone got shot.

Without the server the Gun will still shoot and have its effect it just wont ban, eject, teleport, etc. It will only do damage (35) on land that has “Safe (no damage)” disabled.

I have setup a demo area where you can try out the Ban Gun. Do note that this uses the BobsCreations experience which is not available in the released product and the Guns are only available as temporary attachments:

The Server

In the server menu you can find the Server Key and the Password. These have to be added to a Gun for it to work. This allows everyone that has a Ban Gun with the correct Server Key and Password to eject, ban, etc.

For security reasons make sure you change the password after rezzing your server. Recommended is to use a random MD5 Hash as password:

The “Pistol & Server” packages comes with 2 Ban Guns so you can share one with your partner or buddy (more/other guns sold separately).

Guns (just like a security orb) will only be able to ban, eject on your land (or land owned by the same group). You have the option to limit the server to the parcel or not. When limit to parcel is set to off then the Ban Gun will work on all parcels that have the same owner (or deeded group) as the parcel where the server is rezzed.

In addition you can enable or disable Modes in the server. If you for example only want Gun Owners to be able to eject avatars you can turn of Temp Ban, Ban, Teleport and Link.

When only 1 Mode is enabled in the server the server will automatically overwrite the command from the Gun. So if for example only eject is on but the Gun is set to ban it will eject instead.

Overwrites and disabled modes also apply to the owner of the server unless Ignore Owner is turned on. So if you for example want no one to be able to ban except you then disable Ban and set Ignore Owner to on.

The Gun

Inside the Contents tab of the Gun you will find a _Config notecard that you need to edit. You need to change the server_key and password to match that of your server (see blue dialog menu on server). Double check that you copy and past the correct server_key and password because if they don’t match the server the gun wont be able to eject, ban, etc.

After you edit and save the notecard your gun is good to go. You can now click the gun and change the Mode and/or turn effects On or Off.

Do remember that Modes may be restricted by the server. If you have your gun set to ban but ban is disabled in the server the Gun will not ban avatars that you shoot.

If only 1 mode is On (ex. Teleport) the server will automatically overwrite the Mode of the gun. So if the Gun is set to ban and a avatar is shoot then it will teleport instead.

Also don’t forget that this is a Gun that shoots bullets and bullets need to be rezzed. So permission to rez is required.


Inside the server you will find a full perm Link Example script. If you have a experience you can set this script to Running and add your experience.

For security reasons the BobsCreations experience is not included with the Ban Gun. The BobsCreations experience is used by many people for teleporters & HUDs and to keep the experience “safe” i do not include it with items that can affect people without there consent

The included Link Example is a fully functional script that you only need to enable and add your experience to. You even have the option to further edit it to include more functionality.

Things you can do

Shoot the Greefer (Game)
Have a club or venue? Get all your managers a gun, set the server to teleport and let the hunt begin. Just be careful to not shoot any of your regular visitors.

Just ban people
Need or want to ban someone? Cant make it easier then to just shoot them.

Get of my lawn
Don’t like people walking in your lawn? Simply want to keep people of your land? Set your gun to eject and open fire! Instead of being annoyed that people walk on your lawn you’ll be hoping they come back so you can shoot them again.

Combat area
Want a area to play with your friends? Select a parcel (server has to be rezzed on this parcel) and set the mode to temp ban with a time of ex. 2 minutes and let the games begin. When someone gets shot they get ejected from the parcel and will be unable to enter the parcel for 2 minutes. Or set it to 10 minutes and the last person still on the parcel is the winner.

Advanced combat area
If you have a premium account or access to a experiences you can use Link Mode and the included (full perm) link script located inside the contents of the server. This script allows you to use a experience teleport and script in even more functions.

More guns

More guns and explosives coming soon!