Stream Reactor (ShoutCast)

Want to change peoples environment (windlight), want everyone to do a dance or animation when a song plays or simply want to provide everyone with a little information about a song? All this and more is possible with the Stream Reactor.

Note: there is also a IceCast version available. The features and setup for the IceCast version is identical to the ShoutCast version.


The HUD has 3 color indicators that show the current status of the HUD and connection and shows the title and name of the current song that is playing. Its important to note that songs need to be properly named for them to show on the HUD correctly (ex: Diana Krall – And I Love Her).

The On/Off indicator is green when the HUD is On, red when it is Off.
The Connection status indicator should remain green when the HUD is on and the stream is running. In case of connection interruptions the Connection status turns yellow and when the stream is down it turns red.
The Checking server indicator should be green and briefly turn yellow every few seconds to indicate its checking the stream for song changes. If the stream is offline this indicator turns red.

HUD Menu

Clicking anywhere on the Stream Reactor HUD will give you the blue dialog menu that lets you set your stream, configure your HUD, etc.

The first thing you need to do in the HUD is add your stream (click [Stream] and copy and past your stream URL) and turn the HUD on by clicking [On/Off]. If your stream is running the indicators should turn green. If the stream is off the indicators will turn red and the HUD will continue to check your stream for when it goes online. If Auto Reconnect is set to Off the HUD will automatically switch off when the stream is offline. When Report Songs is turned On you will get a private message in local chat every time the song changes.

Songs Notecard

Inside the contents of the HUD you can find a _Date notecard that contains the names of your songs and the actions that should be executed when the song plays. You can find more information inside the _Data notecard and a list of the options and 2 examples.

You can add more notecards to the contents of your Stream Reactor HUD and select them using [Notecard] button in the blue dialog menu.

Experience actions

The actions “animation” and “environment” require you to rez a additional item, the “Stream Reactor Experience” for security reasons and to make sure people consent to having there animations and environment changed.

The “Stream Reactor Experience” serves as an Experiences controller and as a “Permission board” that people can click to grant permission (in case they missed it or declined it previously). When the Stream Reactor HUD uses a experience action (and the “Stream Reactor Experience” is rezzed) it will automatically ask all avatars that are in range for permission. It is spam free and will only ask those that have not yet accepted or declined the permissions.

IMPORTANT: the environment files and animations that you use in your Songs notecard need to be in the “Stream Reactor Experience”. So make sure to add these.

The permissions are only valid for 24 hours, this is for security reasons and to prevent people from unexpectedly getting there environment or animation changed. Ones 24 hours have passed for a specific avatar they get asked for permission again (when the HUD is using a experience action and they are in range).

IMPORTANT: The “Stream Reactor Experience” uses the BobsCreations experience. Make sure to add this to About Land or to the Sim.

HUD Target Range & Experience

When using the experience actions you need to set the [Target Range] and [Experience] in the blue dialog menu of the HUD.

The Target Range is used to let the HUD know who to target. You generally want this to for example cover everyone that is in a club or venue. Its recommended you use the same range as you have set in [MSG Type] if you are also using messages in your actions.

For the HUD to be able to communicate with the “Stream Reactor Experience” you need to set the Key and Password under Experience. You can find this in the menu of the “Stream Reactor Experience”.

The “Stream Reactor Experience” does not need to be owned by the same person as the HUD. If you have a HUD and the club/venu owner has a “Stream Reactor Experience” rezzed, just ask them for the Key and Password and your HUD will work.

MSG Type & Sender Name

Just like you are able to set the Target Range of experience actions you can also set the range of messages (“msg = “). The difference here being that you have a Whisper, Say & Shout option in addition to the Region Say (Whisper = 10m, Say = 20m, Shout = 100m).

Under [Sender Name] you can set how the sender of the message should look. The default being the name of the HUD (Stream Reactor HUD v1.xx). You can also set this to your Full Name, Display Name or Link Name. Link Name uses your full avatar name and links to your profile.

Link example script

Included is a full-perm Link example script that you can use to setup “link = ” actions. This allows you to pretty much add anything you can think of like particle effects and so on. This does however does requires scripting knowledge.