Store Blogger Room Vendor

The ultimate vendor system for your blogger room. Let your bloggers easily get items to blog about and let them submit there posts.

Bloggers can get between 1 and 10 items only. You set the limit. When they reach there item limit you or a manager need to approve a submitted post before they can take more items. You can also manually remove the items using the blue dialog menu on the server.

You and your managers (when enabled) receive notifications (in-world and/or email) of submitted posts and if posts where approved or declined. The blogger will also receive a notification if there blog post was approved or declined.

Almost everything is done from the Store Blogger Room server. So when you want to change something you don’t need to do this on many vendors. Inside the Server you will find a notecard to which you can add the names your bloggers. The Store Blogger Room Server supports approximately up to 300 bloggers.

You can also send a notecard to all your bloggers. Just drop the notecard in your server and click Send Note.

The vendors require very little to no setup. Just add your item, texture and you are done. Bloggers submit posts directly on the vendor.

100% in-world

The Store Blogger Room Vendor system works 100% in-world and do not have any web-enabled features attached to it. You will never have to login to a website and all your data is exclusively stored in its scripts.

This does however mean that there is a memory limit as scripts do not have an infinite amount of memory. Its is however more then enough for the absolute majority of users. Do however keep in mind that you will have to use the system and not ignore submitted blogger posts for months as the system will eventually run out of memory (in which case it will lock itself and inform you).


The vendors and server use high grade encryption for secure communication. In addition it contains many extra security features in the background that prevent abuse of the system.

Your no-copy/transfer items are also safe. When an item is no-copy a blogger will only be able to get the item ones.

In addition to being able to see who took an item in the server the vendors also contain a log that shows who took and item and when.

14 day not good lindens back guarantee

If you are not happy with the Store Blogger Room Vendor system for what ever reason, send me back the server (when i am online) and i will give you a full refund.

If i am not online send me a notecard first with your transaction details and mention that you want a refund.