Send to List

When you send something to someone in SL that is offline you never know if they will get it. If they are capped your item will just get discarded and they wont even know that you send them something. The solution for this problem is the Send when Online (

But sometimes you need to send a item to many avatars. Of course you could use the Send when Online but depending on how many avatars you need to send to or even if it is something you do on a regular bases it can become quite tedious.

So here is the next product and the next solution. The Send to List. Just add the names of your contacts (for example a list of Bloggers, employees, etc) to the contacts notecard add your item (notecard, object, landmark, etc) and hit send. The Send to List will check the online status of your contacts and send them the item when they are online so you can be sure that they received it.