More scripts for Event Organizers

Make your job as a event organizer a lot easier with the Web2LSL (Event Deadline) and the Event Pay Script.

The Web2LSL (Event Deadline) lets you setup a object that loads a texture, data/time and text from your website to display it on a prim. This lets you create a “deadline box/poster” that shows for example the setup data/time of the current event. To update the texture and data all you need to do is edit the data on your website and all boxes that are rezzed in-world will update by themself. No need to send or create a new object every month.

The Event Pay Script lets you setup a payable object that sends the lindens to your bank avatar, keeps track of all transactions and that provides the payer with a real transaction ID. This makes it really easy to keep track of your payments and it makes it easy for the payer when you for example ask them to fill in the transaction ID on your form.
In addition the Event Pay Script support up to 3 managers, has optional notifications and can give a item or folder on payment.

Both scripts are now available in the main store and on MP.