RLV has more uses then ….

When you hear RLV you usual thing of the “not PG” thing, but for a scripted is its a Pandoras box. Secondlife Scripting has its limited and there is only so much you can do. But when you add the “RLV code” there is so much more.

For example RLV lets you change the group of your avatar. How is this useful you may ask? Well if you own more then one plot of land in SL and there are deeded to a group ever time you teleport from one plot to a other you have to change your group in order to be able to rez. The same goes for if you are for example a DJ or a host and need to rez your tipjar or make sure you wear the right group tag during your shift.

Changing your group is not a big deal. A few clicks and you are done. But it can be forgotten and it can become really annoying really fast if you have to do it 10 times a day.

Out of pure frustration of having to change my group all the time i turned RLV on in my viewer and scripted a little HUD that automatically changes my avatars group to the group of the land every time i teleport.

So one problem solved. Now onto the second problem.

Detaching and replacing attachment by accident

This happens to me all the time. I attach a hud, and it removes the other one. OR i use my outfit manager and of course it removes all those “new” attachments that i didn’t have when i made that outfit.

If you have a really badly sorted inventory like me its even more frustrating as it will take a while until you find it again.

The solution? Lock those attachments using RLV.
When a attachment (hud, clothing, etc) is locked, there is no way to take it off. When you use outfit manager, wear clothes that go on the same attachment point, etc it will simple not work. No way to get rid of those locked attachments. Unless you unlock them first of course.

Here is where my second little HUD comes in. The Attachment Locker. Now i just lock my huds, and my AV mesh body don’t have to worry about accidentally replacing something. And when i do want to replace something i can unlock the attachment using the HUD.