Pocket Wardrobe

Have a wardrobe in your pocket that can be used anywhere in SL

Requires a RLV enabled viewer to work!

– Works on land with scripts disabled
– Works on land with fly disabled
– No rez or object entry required
– Store up to 44 outfits (or more as its copy)
– Change clothes in discretion
– 1 click outfit change (removes and adds outfit)
– Knows what you have in your #RLV folder
– Customizable #RLV folder locations
– No need to edit any notecards to add outfits
– Setup a outfit in less then 1 minute

Important note: To use the wardrobe properly you will have to make pictures (in-world).

The only way to make a practical wardrobe is with the use or RLV. Without it attaching and detaching clothes in this mater is simply not possible.
There is a common misconception that RLV is dangerous. This however is false. Sure it can put you in a awkward situation but it can not take your money or delete your inventory.