Piggy Bank (Not a Tip Jar!)

The Piggy Bank that works like a actual Piggy Bank! The Piggy bank uses a Alt (Bank Alt) so that the L$ that you put in the Piggy Bank do not stay in your L$ balance.

The balance of the Piggy Bank is shown in the hover text and only the avatar that has been specified inside of the _Config script can use it to take lindens out of it.

The Piggy Bank starts at 0 L$ and you have to pay the Piggy Bank to put money into it. Everyone can put money into the Piggy Bank. The user of the Piggy Bank (that has been setup in the _Config script) is the only one that can take money out of the Piggy Bank.

The Piggy Bank has been scripted to be as secure as possible (as it uses debit permissions). For the configuration a _Config script is used to provide extra security and the main script has multiple security checks to make sure the Piggy Bank never pays out more lindens then is in it.

In addition to the Piggy Bank i have also released a Unicorn Bank. The Unicorn Bank works exactly the same as the Piggy Bank.

Both the Piggy Bank and the Unicorn bank are now available in my main-store and on marketplace.