Partner Wardrobe

The Partner Wardrobe gives you full control over your partners wardrobe and works the same as the VR Wardrobe. You can select any folder that they have setup in there VR Wardrobe and the Partner Wardrobe automatically retrieves the folders and pictures from there VR Wardrobe.

Your partner needs to have the VR Wardrobe version 1.24 (3 Feb 2023) or higher for the Partner Wardrobe to work and needs to enable the Partner Plugin using the VR Wardrobes blue dialog menu.
The VR Wardrobe is not included and needs to be purchased separately by your partner.

In addition you can wear both the VR Wardrobe and the Partner Wardrobe at the same time to control your own wardrobe and that of your partner.

RLV is not required for the Partner Wardrobe. It is however required for the VR Wardrobe.

The Partner Wardrobe is now available in the main store and on marktplace.