Master Web PRO – Manual

Load data from your website using your own custom tags.

The Master Web PRO lets you easily retrieve data from your website. You define your data using tags (ex.: [TEXTURE]361d45d9-803d-c6ea-7158-4eed2c6a84a0[/TEXTURE]) and the script will take care of the rest. Every found tag is returned as its own link message making is super easy to process the data.

Important note: the script (SL) is limited to retrieving 2048 bytes of the body.

_Config script

Inside the _Config script you can define your tags, set a optional timer and set the link number on which the data is returned.

tags: a list of tag names to search for, separated with with a comma. The tag “texture” will search your website for text between [TEXTURE] and [/TEXTURE] (case sensitive).

update_timer: makes the script retrieve data from the URL ever x seconds. Set to 0 for Off.

link_number: the link number that is used on the llMessageLinked().
llMessageLinked(LINK_THIS, link_number, “tag”+separator+tag+separator+data, owner);

Inside the state_entry (same _Config script) we send the configuration data to the Master Web PRO script and start the timer (on line 33). If you do not want to use the update_timer this line is not necessary.

On line 37 we define a URL, on line 39 we define some data and on line 40 we request the data.
The data is send as a POST and is optional (you can leave it blank).

The Master Web PRO returns the data from the URL on a link message with the number defined by settings:link_number.

error: happens when the request doesn’t return a 200 status code. Ex. if the URL is wrong or if the website is down.

body: the complete body returned by the request (optional).

tag: the tag and the data found in the tag.


The default _Config script is a fully functional example that gets data from
Included is a notecard that contains the PHP code that is on this page.

If you want to create something where data is stored remotely make sure to validate the sending script by implementing some type of encryption. Ex.: