Master Scripts for Creators

Create almost anything you want with the Master Menu PRO and the Master Changer PRO.
Both scripts have been designed to be a all-in-on script.

The Master Menu PRO lets you easily create (2 level) menu’s and HUDs. You only need basic scripting knowledge to use it as the Master Menu PRO script takes care of the “hard part”. It generates the menu, handles HUD buttons and takes care of the communication. The only thing you need to deal with is link message and of course what you want these link messages to do.

The Master Changer PRO is a “everything changer”. Change texture, color, material, give inventory, resize, etc, etc. The only thing you need to do is simply send a link message to the Master Changer PRO and it takes care of the rest. It has the ability to change multiple prims in a link set and even comes with a full perm merge script to keep the amount of scripts down.

Both the Master Changer PRO and Master Menu PRO work great individually but when you combine them they can do almost anything. To integrate the Master Changer PRO into the Master Menu PRO is as easy as setting the same “link number”. The Master Menu PRO would deal with your menu, HUD buttons and communication and they Master Changer PRO would deal with what you want those buttons to do.

Don’t know how to script?

Making these products work with some basic scripting requirements means that you can turn these 2 scripts into almost any custom project. Both scripts take care of the “hard part” and allow you to easily add your own custom functions to them.

Unfortunately it is not possible to make something that is this flexible and versatile that is easily configured with a notecard. However when you use both scripts it comes very close.

Custom work

Getting a custom HUD or script developed can be very pricey. Since the Master Menu PRO and Master Changer PRO cover most peoples needs and the fact that they take care of the “hard” and most work intensive part of a custom project you may want to look into getting your custom project made using these scripts. Changing a large project into a simple project that can even be done by a intermediate scripter drastically reduce its cost. Plus you only have to buy the Master Menu PRO and Master Changer PRO ones and you can use them in many projects.

Both the Master Menu PRO and Master Changer PRO come with a variety of example scripts that help you setup the item you want. The Master Menu PRO even comes with a example script on how to add the Master Menu PRO to your AVsitter menu.