Master Scanner PRO – Manual

The ultimate sensorless scanner script for your objects and HUDs.

The Master Scanner PRO lets your easily scan for avatars on the sim. You can scan for avatars on the same parcel, the sim, based on parcel owner, range or box mode. Box mode lets you define a specific area to scan (from vector A to vector B). Since the Master Scanner PRO is a sensorless scanner you do not have a avatar or range limit.

_Config script

Inside the _Config script you can set the settings of the scanner.

scan_type: region, parcel or owner. Region scans the whole sim/region. Parcel scans the parcel (where the Master Scanner PRO is located) and Owner scans all parcels on the same that have the same owner as the parcel where the Master Scanner PRO is on.

scan_range: the range in meters of which avatars need to be in order to be detected. If you don’t want a range limit just set this to a ridiculously high number like 9999. The range respects the scan_type. So if type is set to parcel and range to 9999 it scans the whole parcel including 9999 meters in the sky (but not outside of the parcel).

re_detect: the amount of seconds before the avatar is detected again. The re-detect is send on a different link_message. This lets you easily implement something like warnings on a security system.

box_mode: this lets you detect avatars that are in a specific area defined by box_corner1 and box_corner2. See the included “Select Box” (and script inside) to see how to select a area.

link_number: the link number that is used on the llMessageLinked().
llMessageLinked(LINK_THIS, link_number, “detected”, id);

Starting the Scanner

Inside the state_entry of the same _Config script we stop the scanner (which clears any existing data), send the scanner_config and start the scanner.

The default scan rate is 3.0 seconds (on line 35). This means that the Master Scanner PRO will check for avatars every 3 seconds. You can increase of lower this depending on your needs.

In general the faster the scan rate the more the script has to work and the more “lag” this will cause.
3 seconds is fine for most situations and you don’t want to set this any lower unless you have a good reason for it. On things like greeters where the scan rate doesn’t mater to much i recommend setting this to something like 60.0.

The Scan results

The Master Scanner PRO returns the detected avatars on link messages with the link number defined by settings:link_number.

detected: avatar (id) detected.

detected2: avatar has already been detected (detected already happened) but is still there after re_detect has passed.

has_left: the avatar has left.


Included is a Greeter, Visitor counter and simple Security System (using the Master Menu PRO).
These are very simple examples with a minimum amount of code so that they are easy to understand.

It is recommended to have a look at these examples before starting with your own scripts.