Master Menu PRO – Update 1.51

This is a mayor update over the previous version (1.48). In addition to many new feature this update comes at the same time of the release of the Master Menu PRO SubSub Menu that is a plug-in for the Master Menu PRO and lets you add unlimited sub menus to your Master Menu PRO (available in the main store and on MP).

To update your Master Menu PRO just request a re-delivery.


  • More then double the memory.
  • The Extras script has been removed. The main script now includes all the extra features and has more memory then the previous scripts together.
  • The “_Config” and “Link Example” scripts have been joined into one script.
  • Add-on support for the “Master Menu PRO SubSub Menu” created for those that want “unlimited” sub menus.
  • Multi page menus with automatically generated next and previous buttons.
  • Extra [tags] that you can use in the menu.
  • Use prim description instead of the prim name (for setting textures etc).
  • Overall code improvements and increased speed and performance.