Master Access PRO – Manual

Add a access list to your Master Menu PRO.

The Master Access PRO lets you add a access list to your items. The access list can be controlled by either a notecard or blue dialog menu. In addition avatars can also be added or removed from the access list using a link message.

Note: the Master Access PRO also works without the Master Menu PRO if you use the notecard or link message method and not the blue menu.

The Master Menu PRO already contains a access function that lets you set your object to Owner, Group or Everyone. This access setting is automatically shared with the Master Access PRO. To use the Master Access PRO in a way that makes sense you need to set the access to either Owner or Group. Avatars on the access list will always have access to the object regardless of this setting. So if you want only the owner and people on the access list to be able to use the object then set the access setting to Owner.

Automatic conversion and checking

When avatars are added to the access list the Master Access PRO Script automatically checks if they are valid. When a name is added the script fetches the UUID and when a UUID is added the script fetches the name.

In addition to the above the script also checks for duplicates and informs the user if a avatar was already added to the access list.

_Config script

Inside the config script you can customize all the settings of the blue menu and define the name of the notecard. In addition to the basic _Config script a script with the Master Menu PRO configuration integrated is also included.

The above settings should make sense assuming you already have the Master Menu PRO and did read the manual. However there are two important things to take note off:

settings:access_notecard: Here you add the name of the notecard you want the script looks for. If the notecard does not exist the script will simply ignore it. If you do not want to use the notecard function make sure to leave this empty or to give it a very uncommon name.

settings:access_parent: This is the Master Menu PRO menu that gets opened when the “MAIN MENU” button is clicked. This can be the main menu or a sub menu. The first part (of menu2 | main:menu) tells the Master Menu PRO to open a standard menu or Extras menu (menu = standard, menu2 = extras) and the second part (main:menu) specifies which menu to open.

Redirecting the Touch

Assuming you only want to give a menu to people on the access list you are going to need to redirect there “click” to the Master Access Script. Since the Master Menu PRO responds to clicks you want to make sure you set “settings:click_menu = off” if you are using a separate Master Menu PRO _Config script.

I have tried to keep the above script as simple as possible al do i realize that “script ping pong” easily can lead to confusion.

The above script simply detects a touch and sends a link message (on line 76) to the Master Access PRO containing the clickers UUID. The Master Access PRO then checks if that avatar is valid (if its in the access list, if its the owner or matches the access settings) and returns a link message containing “ok” (for valid, line 88) or “ko” (for invalid, line 90).

The UUID of the avatar is included in the response (key id).


A more complex and fully functional example that uses the Master Menu PRO and Master Menu EXTRAS is included.

This script should work for most people. However since both the Master Menu PRO and the Master Access PRO can be used in so many different ways do feel free to contact me if it doesn’t so i can look into adding more examples.