Making things practical

Why have a cabinet, closet or wardrobe in your house when it doesn’t do anything? Why do i hate going true my inventory searching for clothes to change them? Isn’t there a easier way to do that?

These are the questions i now have a answer to. A wardrobe in which you can actually store your clothes and change them with just 1 click. Sure there are probably other ways to change clothes, but i am, like many others a visual person, and i want to see what i am attaching.

After many days of scripting and texturing the solution is finally there. The Real Wardrobe.
Yes a real wardrobe that actually changes your clothes and doesn’t just decorate your house.

In addition to having the ability to change your outfit it also has a build in filter to change and sort specific items. So in my case, i have my outfits in the top drawers and my shoes in the bottom as i like to switch those. But of course you can do much more with the filters like setup multiple wardrobes with different clothing items or even body parts or makeup.

There are currently 4 models available in my store and i am working on more.

The board on the right in the first picture is my easy teleport board. As i said before, i am a visual person and i find nothing more practical then using that board to teleport around. What you don’t see on this picture is there other board that i have setup to my satellite stores and other locations.