Magic Portal – Update V2

Huge update on its way for all Magic Portals. It will take some time to update all portals to version 2. Ones a portal has been updated to version 2 you will automatically get an update. If you for some reason didn’t get the update (ex: when capped) you can get the update from any vendor or on MP by requesting a redelivery.

Apart from a bunch or optimizations version 2 comes with the following new features:

  • Multiple locations
    You can add multiple landmarks to your portal and change the location in the blue dialog menu.
  • Teleport Menu
    (Optional) Instead of instantly teleporting the avatar you can give a menu with the teleport locations.
  • Sit Teleports
    (Optional) Fixes issues with having a fixed landing point set on the land. When the target location is on a other sim the default teleport will be used.
  • Direction
    (Optional) Have avatars facing in a certain direction after they teleport.