Land Impact tools – Permissions

SL gadgets that show the Land impact / prims of avatars require special permissions in order to work.
Without these permissions the script (inside the gadget) is not able to read the lands prim information. This has been implemented by LL for privacy reasons.

Group owned land

If the land/parcel is owned by a group the owner of the gadget needs to be a member or that group and needs to have the following permissions in the group:

  • return group owned objects
  • return group set objects
  • return non-group objects

Also note that with group owned land the gadget will only work when the avatar is online. This means that as soon as you log off the gadget will no longer be able to get the land impact / prim information.

To solve this and to make the gadget work without any of the permissions above you can deed the gadget to the group. When the gadget is deeded it will work regardless of your online status and land permissions.

Avatar owned land

It the land/parcel is owned by a avatar the gadget needs to be owned by this avatar. Or in other words, the gadget will only work on land where you are the owner (unless its group owned).