In-world Chat Apps

I recently came across quite some chat apps in SL that let you chat to people outside SL and that have the option to connect to Facebook, Instagram, etc. What got my attention her is that these chat apps are free. And as you might know, things are rarely for free.

Even do you do not pay for things like Facebook with cash, it is far from “free”. Not only do you pay for Facebook with your data but you are actual the “product” (for which advertisers pay).

On has to ask the same question with other apps. Sure many apps force you to watch things like adds, include micro transactions or try to sell you a premium. None the less, one should always be mindful in sharing “personal data” with parties which one doesn’t know.

Now i am not going to mention these apps or even claim that they do anything bad as i have no insight to what they do behind the curtain. I do however feel the need to give out a stern warning into using such apps from unknown companies.

And one extremely important thing to remember: never use your SL password in any App or website and never enter usernames or passwords of other platforms like Facebook, Discord, etc. If they ask you to do this you can almost be certain that you are looking at a phishing scam.