Force Cam Hud

Want to lock the camera of a avatar to any position on your body and block the ability for them looking at anything else? The Force Cam Hud lets you do just that.

The Force Cam Hud (owner) lets you setup 9 camera positions. No need for any additional attachments. Simply position your camera to where you want it and select “Add Cam”.

To lock the camera position on the avatar simply select them from to user menu and select “Lock Cam”.
As long as the cam is locked and you are in the same sim the user will be unable to look at anything else.

In addition there is the “Lock Hud” feature that lets you lock there Hud so that they are unable to detach it and remove the RLV restriction.

When you leave the sim (or logoff) the camera of the users is unlocked until you are back. So as soon as the user is in the same sim as you are (assuming you leave the cam lock on) there cam will be immediately locked to the position that you have setup.

You can set different cam positions for different users and change these at any time in the user menu.
You can also check the camera position of the user by selecting “Check Cam” from the menu.


The Force Cam Hud (User) updates the camera position every 0.5 seconds (when the cam is locked). This results in a “jumping camera” and not a “smooth movement”. This is due to the technical limitations of SL. This however does mean that the Force Cam Hud works anywhere since there is no need for you to rez something. It even works on land that have scripts disabled.