Fixing my old skyboxes and helping a friend

It is always about prims, to few prim, to many prims, not enough prims. Or to say it correctly Land impact.
I have a friend who has a amazing looking sim he spend ages on building. When i told hem, “hey why don’t you rent the houses out you have on your sim” he said “i only have 60 prims left”. And to be clear, we are talking about a full homestead sim here.

We did spend a lot of time looking all over the sim, thinking, what can we remove or change to save some prims. We managed to free up a few more prims but will it still wasn’t enough.

A few days later, a other friend said to me, “hey cant you like script a prim reducer”. To which i responded, that’s probably not possible. Until i started looking a little deeper into it and experimenting with some scripts. And to my amazement it is possible when you have the right object.

I know this sounds a little strange but i was even more impressed with my own script when u dropped it into my favorite skybox. As the problem i have with my favorite skybox, that i got about 4 years ago is that it is 361 land impact.

That is, until i dropped my script in it.

And ended up with a skybox that is only 191 prims. After sending the script to my friend. I boxed the script and put it up for sale so everyone else in a similar situation can save some prims just like me.