Finding out what add-boards work

What business owner in SL hasn’t tried add-boards before? I personalty don’t know any.
How many business owners have given up on add-boards simply because they cant see any results? I personally know many.

Add-boards can be great when they work, and yes, there are add-boards out there that are worth it. They are however hard to find.

The biggest problem with add-boards is that finding out of they are working is in most cases just a guess. As in “did my traffic go up this week?” “then its probably my add-board”.

Having exactly the same problem i scripted a Multi Visitor Counter that solves this problem and have been testing it for the last few weeks. You simple use different landmarks and or surls in your add-boards and the Multi Visitor Counter shows you how many visits you got on each landmark.

The Multi Visitor Counter is now available in my main store and on marketplace: