Event Blogger Room Vendor

The ultimate vendor system for blogger rooms is finally here.
The Event blogger room vendor system is especially designed for event organizers/managers.

Running a blogger room has never been so easy and less work as with the Event blogger room system. Need to return all vendors and rez new ones at the end of the event? Not with the Event Blogger room vendor system. The included server will remove all the rezzed vendors and rez new ones automatically on a by you specified date.

In addition to automatically replacing the vendors you and your managers can control many aspects of the vendor over the blue dialog menu. Vendors can be replaced, the position can be reset, etc.

For those who are changing from a other system to the Event blogger room vendor. The server contains a blogger list that supports both names and uuids (you can even mix them). So quick setup and a copy and past of your current blogger list and you are done.

Happier Merchants

The Event blogger room vendor system contains a log that is accessible to the merchant on which they can see which blogger took there item. In addition to that no-copy items are automatic protected. If a merchants loads for example a no-copy / transfer item the vendor will automatically limit the amount of delivery’s a single blogger can get to one.

Powerful, robust and extreme low lag

The Event blogger room system brings you all necessary features, is robust and extremely low lag. Rezzing +100 vendors is no problem it has been designed for this.

Quick setup guide

Rez the vendor and change the permissions. Set the vendor prim to no-transfer.
Set the script (inside the vendor) to no-copy.
After changing the permissions reset the script from the contents window (Reset Scripts button).

Rez the server and edit the _Config notecard.

Note: the server needs to be rezzed on the same parcels as the vendors (distance doesn’t matter).

If you have multiple servers (for different events) you will need to change the server_id. Vendors communicate with servers that have the same server_id.

Click the vendor and make sure that the server_id matches what you have in the servers notecard.
Click update on the blue dialog menu, wait for the vendor to load (should only take a few seconds) and pickup the vendor.

Note: you can resize, re-texture the vendor. If you re-texture your vendor do not forget to change the buy_texture and sold_texture UUID in the servers _Config notecard.

Add the vendor to your server (drag from your inventory to the servers contents tab).

Setup your blogger room by rezzing the vendors.

Note that at this point if you change anything in the server (_Config notecard) you need to click the vendor and use the Update button.

Add your bloggers to the server.

The _Blogger notecard supports names, uuids and even a mix of both.
You are not required to update the vendors after adding or removing a blogger from the _Blogger notecard.
Simply add the name and/of uuids to the notecard, save and done!