Environmental Sound

Bringing SL to life with realistic sounds. Add a extra dimension (sense) to your locations. You will be amazed how much a little sounds changes your experience.

Environmental sounds are much more then a simple sound file playing in a loop. Every environmental sound consists of multiple sound (WAV) files that play in a perfect loop.

Standard sound loops that usually consist of only a few seconds can become very annoying very fast. Environmental Sounds are generally over one minute long and have been edited to sound as natural as possible.

Every environmental sounds comes inside a player that comes with a link-able slave player so you can setup a large area that plays the sound in sync. In addition it contains a script for you to add to the Environmental Sound System (sold separately).

All environmental sounds have also been adjusted in volume to match the average volume of music (radio). This means that most of the times your music and the sounds mixes perfectly and retains its natural feel.