Easy Wallet (ATM)

Let your partner or anyone on the access list take L$ from you. Before they can however you need to add credit to your wallet and they will only be able to take the L$ that are in your wallet. Not 1 L$ more.

The Easy Wallet is made to be worn as a attachment (that also works on land where scripts are disabled) but it can also be rezzed in-world.

If you don’t like the wallet you can also take the script and notecard out and add them to your favorite hand bag or other item.

The User Menu (the menu avatars that are on your access list get) can be customized in the notecard that is inside the contents of the Wallet.

When there is not enough credit inside your wallet buttons with a to high number automatically get disabled (a X is added to them). You can add up to 9 “amount buttons”.

Users can also use the Custom button to take a custom amount. They can however never take more L$ then you have in your wallet.