Easy Tip Jar V2

The ultimate easy to use, fully customizable and almost limitless tip jar.
Now even more limitless in version 2.

The Easy Tip Jar is a personal Tip Jar to be used by for example DJ’s or Hosts. It is also the perfect donation box. The Tip Jar can only be used by its owner.

The Easy Tip Jar V2 is sold as a “Installer” and comes with a Basic Tip Jar Model.
To setup your Tip Jar V2 the only thing you need to do is rez it next to the installer, count to 10 and you are done.

The advantage of this is that you will only have to buy the Easy Tip Jar V2 ones.
Different Tip Jars are sold separately as add-ons. This way you only pay for what you want and don’t pay full price for each Tip Jar.


Special [TAGS]

The Tip Jar contains 12 tags that you can use inside your text. These tags allow you to include names, tip amounts, etc in your hover text, thank you message, etc.

Full customizable hover text

Change what the text says and change the color.

Fully customizable “thank you” message

Say, shout or send a private thank you message when someone tips you.

Tip notifications

Local (private) chat and Dialog notifications when someone tips you. Both can be enabled/disabled in the Settings menu. Notifications always contain the full name of the avatar with link to there profile.

(The Tip Jar also contains a anti-spam feature that requires a minimum tip to be given for the Dialog notification to show. Just in case someone decides to tip you 1L$ every few minutes.)

Customizable pay buttons

Split Pay

Share your tips or send them directly to your bank alt.
(Debit permissions are only requested when needed. If you don’t enable the _SplitPay notecard the Tip Jar will not ask for debit permissions.)

Send a gift to the tipper

Supports all item (objects, notecards, etc). Optional minimum tip.

Menu with up to 9 fully customizable buttons

Invite people to your group, send a notecard with your lineup, give people the club landmark, etc, etc.
And if that is not enough there is also a llMessageLinked feature to add your own script.

Buttons and text inside the Blue dialog menu are fully customizable.

  • Give a URL (link to your website or social media) blue dialog menu.
  • Send a (private) message to the clicker.
  • Give a item to the clicker.
  • Give a folder with items to the clicker.
  • Forward the click to a llMessageLinked.
  • Corrade Group invite.
  • SmartBot Group invite.

Full customizable click function (what happens when people click your Tip Jar)

Don’t want to use the blue dialog menu? No problem.
Setup any of the above buttons to trigger when your Tip Jar is clicked or set your Tip Jar to pay instead of click. The choice is yours.

Particles sound and rotation

Two particle options with customizable texture and particle size (when someone tips you).
Customizable sound (when someone tips you).
Customizable tip jar rotation.

These features might slightly vary depending on Tip Jar.

Settings menu

In the settings menu you can quickly change the settings of your notecard without having to edit the notecard.

Log that makes sense

Easily see who tipped you and how much tips you made per shift.
A session starts when you rez your Tip Jar (ex. in a Club) and ends when you pickup your Tip Jar. This way you can easily keep track of the tips you made on a certain date at a certain location.

More features

Yes there is still more, but ill spare you those details as this page is already long enough.
In addition to all off the above the Easy Tip Jar V2 is plug-in ready and comes with a full perm Link Example script. So if you are missing a feature you can create it yourself or let me know and ill create a plug-in for it.

The Basic Model (Tip Jar)

The included Basic Model automatically loads your profile texture (you can change this by simply changing the texture), is mesh and only 2 LI.

Don’t let the name fool you do, there is nothing “basic” about the Easy Tip Jar V2.