Easy Security 2

The next generation security for your house, land, skybox etc.
The Easy Security 2 uses a sensorless scanner allowing you to cover any area you want.

The Easy Security 2 is fully menu controlled proving you a quick and easy setup.

Note: there is also a pro version available for those who want a copy version (ex: for rentals etc.).

Scan Modes

The Easy Security 2 provides you with 4 different scan modes (for detecting avatars).

You can scan an entire sim, a parcel, by range (up to 10000 meters) or a specific area (box).

Land Access

Who can visit your protected area is set under land access.

Owner = the owner (you) plus everyone on the manager and whitelist have access to your protected area.
Group = everyone that is wearing the same group tag as the security is set to has access (owner, managers and whitelist always have access and don’t need the group).
Everyone = everyone has access to your area. This is useful if you just want to log avatars and/or remove avatars that are on the blacklist (avatars on the blacklist always get removed regardless of the land access mode).

Security Mode

This determines what will be done with avatars that enter your protected area without permission.


Managers have access to the full menu of the security except for the manager menu itself.
You can add as many managers as you want. Do take not of the free memory at the top of the menu. When you run out of memory the script will crash. The amount of managers you can add therefor is not unlimited. You can however (depending on the length of the names) easily add 50 managers.

Whitelist & Blacklist

Just like the managers list the whitelist and blacklist is only limited by memory. Here you can (depending on the length of the names) easily add 200 avatars.

Whitelist = people that are always allowed in your protected area.
Blacklist = people who will always get removed from your protected area (when the security is on).


If you don’t want to remove remove avatars from your protected area immediately you can warn them first.

You can set a time (how long the avatar has to leave your area) and a message.


You can enable notification by clicking the notification button. When notification are on you will get message when someone is detected by the security. To prevent capping you, the security will only send you notification when you are online.

Notifications are enabled on an avatar to avatar bases. This means that the notification will only be enabled for you. Managers have to click the security and turn notifications on individually.


The log will show you who was detected by the security and when. It can easily hold 300 avatars and automatically removes the oldest entry’s when the memory gets to full.