Easy RLV Area

The Easy RLV Area lets you set and or unset RLV restrictions in a by you defined area. In addition to supporting all existing RLV commands it also lets you attach, detach items and more.

The Easy RLV Area consists of 2 items. The Easy RLV Area (to be rezzed at your location) and The Easy RLV Area HUD (to be worn by the person who will be controlled by the Easy RLV Area).
The Easy RLV Area HUD is available for FREE in my main store.

Note that the Easy RLV Area does not work with the standard RLV Relay (for example OpenCollar). The Easy RLV Area uses a seamless encrypted communication technique and brings features that are simple not possible with the standard RLV Relay. Don’t worry do, you can use the Easy RLV Area along with any other RLV items like OpenCollar. The Easy RLV Area and HUD work completely independent of other RLV items and you can wear a collar together with the Easy RLV Area HUD.

In addition its important to understand that RLV restrictions are set on a object base and that those restrictions can only be removed by that object. This means that if the RLV Area HUD has set a specific restriction it cant be removed by a other object (ex: OpenCollar) and that a restriction that has been set by for example OpenCollar cant be removed the the RLV Area HUD.

Some things you can do with the Easy RLV Area

Create a Jail
Setup an area or skybox that prevents avatars from teleporting, clicking etc, etc.

Only allow changing clothes at home
Use a inverted command to lock attachments and inventory preventing an avatar from changing there attachments anywhere but at home (inside the Easy RLV Area).

Better dressing room
Automatically attach body HUD’s, hair HUD’s, etc. in the area where you change your clothes. As soon as you leave this area the HUD’s will be automatically detached.

Wear this … when you leave
Force attach a special item on an avatar when they leave the Easy RLV Area.

Smart RLV

You can have multiple Easy RLV Areas and each of them may contain other restrictions.

The Easy RLV Area doesn’t simply set restrictions. Before applying or removing RLV restrictions it checks if it should set or remove them. If certain restrictions are set by one Easy RLV Area that shouldn’t be removed a other Easy RLV Area will leave these restrictions alone.

Inverted Restrictions (=y)

The Easy RLV Area lets you set inverted restrictions. Or in other words let you setup an area where something is allowed (and not allowed outside that area).

The command to prevent and avatar from flying is @fly=n.
If you set this command in your Easy RLV Area the affected avatar wont be able to fly in the area.
If you set the opposite (inverted) command in your RLV Area @fly=y the avatar affected by the area will be allowed to fly in the area but not allowed to fly outside of the area. So as soon as they leave the Easy RLV Area the restriction @fly=n will be set on them and they wont be able to fly (you can have multiple Easy RLV Areas that set the @fly=y command).

To prevent someone from flying like in the above example might not be that useful but the options are limitless. You could for example setup a dressing area, chat area or even something as simple as a sit area (preventing the affected avatar to sit anywhere but inside the Easy RLV Area you have setup).

Attach & Lock

Apart from supporting all the standard RLV commands the Easy RLV Area also comes with custom commands that let you do things that are not possible with one simple RLV command.


This command lets you automatically attach items that are in the #RLV folder when the affected avatar is in the Easy RLV Area. Change folder_name with the actual name of the folder. If you have a folder inside your #RLV folder called outfit1 the command should look like this: attachRLV=outfit1. Sub folders are also supported. So if you have your outfit1 folder inside a clothes folder the command would be: attachRLV=clothes/outfit1.


This command does the opposite of attachRLV. This command automatically detached the item when the avatar is inside the affected RLV area and automatically attached the item when they leave the area.
This can be handy if you want to force the avatar to wear a specific item when they leave the house (the Easy RLV Area).

lock=rlv & lock=inv

These commands locks the inventory or the RLV folder of the affected avatar.
When you use lock=rlv the avatar wont be able to attach of detach anything from there RLV folder.
When you use lock=inv the avatar wont be able to attach or detach anything from there inventory except the #RLV folder.
When you use both the avatar wont be able to attach of detach anything from there inventory or RLV folder.

You can use these commands in combination with attachRLV and detachRLV. So even if lock=rlv is set attachRLV and detachRLV will still work.

unlock=rlv & unlock=inv

These commands do the opposite of the lock=rlv & lock=inv commands.
If you for example setup an Easy RLV Area with unlock=rlv the affected avatar would only be able to attach and detach items from there #RLV folder when in the Easy RLV Area. When they leave the area they would no longer be able to attach or detach items from there #RLV folder.


The Easy RLV Area HUD is small, simple and is made for permanent wear. It works in no-script areas and is extremely low lag.

The blue dialog menu (you get when you click the HUD) shows you relevant information and gives you control over which Easy RLV Area owners have control over your HUD. Do note that ones you trust an owner they may block you from removing them from the Trusted list and they may lock your HUD.

The HUD lets you block and ignore Easy RLV Areas from specific owner and it even lets you stop accepting new owners all together.


The Easy RLV Area is the item that does most of the magic. It detects avatars and send the relevant commands to there Easy RLV Area HUD.

The (optional) hovertext shows the avatars that are currently being affected by the Easy RLV Area.

The Scan Mode (the area) can be set to:

  • Range (from 1 to 10.000 meters)
  • Box (lets you set a specific area)
  • Parcel
  • Sim

So you can make your Easy RLV Area affect a small space or even up-to a whole sim.

Inside the Easy RLV Area menu you can find the users that are currently being affected by the area and you can set additional restrictions such as locking there HUD and locking the Add new Owners function.
You can also remove the restrictions set by the Easy RLV Area or even Clear all RLV restrictions from there HUD if you need to do so.

The Easy RLV Area _Config

Inside the Easy RLV Area you will find a _Config notecard that contains the RLV commands that are set when someone is affected by the Easy RLV Area.

Inside the _Config notecard you will find more instructions and examples.