Easy Outfit Model

Show off your outfits, skins, hair or even entire mesh bodies with The Easy Outfit Model. Pictures can only show so much. Nothing beats a “live” demo of your items.

The Easy Outfit Model uses RLV to attach and detach items. This means that it will work with any viewer /bot that supports RLV and it can attach and detach anything you want (system layer, mesh, etc etc).

The model (avatar) i have rezzed in my main store (picture above) is running on a Model Bot from SmartBots with the RLV Add-on.

You can of course also login a avatar yourself with for example Radegast or any other viewer that has proper support for RLV.

Important note: The Easy Outfit Model does not work with Corrade. Unfortunately the RLV support that is currently implemented in the Corrade Bot does not work as expected.

Apart from what you can see the Easy Outfit Model contains various functions to “prevent stuff from going wrong”. The last thing you want is finding your model/bot naked when you login.

Quick Setup

The Easy Outfit Model comes with 3 mod & transfer HUDs (Easy Outfit Model (Attachment) v1.xx) that you can send to your model/bot. You will need to attach/wear this HUD on your model and add the images of your outfits (to the HUDs contents). Important is that the names of the images match the folder names in your RLV folder (1, 2, 3 etc in picture bellow).

Inside the contents of the HUD you will find a _Config notecard that you need to edit. In this notecard you need to enter the UUID of your main avatar (the owner of the platform).

Which #RLV folder to use is setup in the _Config notecard in the platform (with your main avatar). This lets you easily change folders without having to use a regular viewer to login your bot.

In the _Config notecard you can set the UUID of your model/bot, the #RLV folder and other options.

You will also find a privacy feature that can be turned On or Off. This feature helps you prevent nudity by attaching a item while the outfit is being changed.

You can use anything you want since the privacy feature also uses RLV to attach a folder. You can use a prim (prim used in the picture above is included) or you can make your model/bot wear some underwear. If you do use a prim you may want to attach it to “Avatar Center” so that it doesn’t move with the animations of your model/bot.

Also included with the Easy Outfit Model is a experienced based Model Pose Stand.

For the pose stand to work you will need to add the “BobsCreations” experience to your land and you will need to accept experience permissions with your model/bot. This pose stand will work with any bot/viewer that supports experiences (which is 99.99%).

Inside the Model Pose Stand you will find a _Config notecard that you need to edit. Here you (just like in the platform) need to add the model/bots UUID. In addition you can replace the animation in the contents of the Pose Stand.

The Model Pose Stand has a range of 10 meters. So as long as your model/bots login location is set next to the pose stand your model/bot will automatically sit on it.

The use of the Model Pose Stand is optional. You can also use the SmartBot pose stand or any other pose stand that provides you with the features you need.

Setup Summary

  1. Rez the platform and model pose stand.
  2. Edit the _Config notecards inside the contents of the platform and pose stand.
  3. Send the HUD (Attachment) to your model/bot.
  4. Login with your model/bot (Regular viewer recommended. Ex.: Firestorm).
  5. Set your home location (or ex.: SmartBot base location) next to the model pose stand.
  6. Setup your #RLV folders and make pictures of your outfits.
  7. Wear the HUD (Attachment), edit the _Config notecard and drag and drop your pictures into the Contents tab of the HUD.
  8. Logout your model/bot and login with your preferred viewer/bot program.
  9. Done.

Build your own platform/controller

In addition to the platform you also get a mesh and prim controller that lets people change the outfits on your model/bot. Both controllers come with a “next” and “previous” button allowing for many more outfits to be displayed.

Creating your own controller is as simply as linking a few prims together and renaming the linked prims. The script (Easy Outfit Model (Interface) v1.xx) looks for prims that have a number as name and converts the faces in the description to buttons.

In the above picture you can see me editing a linked mesh that i renamed to 1 and gave the description 3,1,5,6,0,4. The numbers in the description match the faces on the mesh that show the outfits.

If you want 12 buttons instead of 6 you simply copy that prim and give it the name 2.

The next and previous buttons (the left and right arrow) are noting more then a prim with the name “next” and a prim with the name “prev”.

The controller only contains 1 script, a _Config notecard and works fully based on the names of your linked prims. This makes it easy to create your own controllers from simple prims or mesh.