Easy Menu Generator PRO

Get the PERFECT menu without knowing any scripting! Up to 144 buttons

Create your own Blue dialog menus with up to 144 buttons.

This script can replace your:
Group inviter, Landmark giver, Notecard giver, Website / Marketplace link giver, etc, etc

And best is, you can have the menu look exactly as you want!


  • Works with _Config script (no notecard)
  • Up to 144 buttons
  • Give items & send messages
  • Extreme LOW LAG!
  • Multiple actions (no limits to what 1 single button can do)
  • Menu access: owner, group or everyone


Even do this product is fairly new, i already got a few ideas for extra features. This will be released when its ready, and will be available to everyone whom already got the Easy Menu Generator PRO.

To easiest way to get a product update is to request a redelivery either on SL Marketplace or from a vendor in my in-world store.