Easy Mailbox 2

Your next generation mailbox is here. The Easy Mailbox 2. The ultimate easy to use, customizable, super robust and most powerful mailbox.

The Easy Mailbox 2 comes with a full customizable hovertext, can hold over 200 mails (notecards and/or items), has 3 types of notifications and supports over 20 managers. Notifications and Email are set for each manager individually. So every manager can enable/disable notifications for themself and add a email address if they want.

Get Mail & New Mail

The Easy Mailbox 2 comes with a “new mail” function that allows you to only get the latest mails by selecting [Get New] from the blue dialog menu. Ones you get the “new mail” the new mail counter is set back to 0 (until new mail is added to the mailbox again).

This feature makes it easier to keep track of your mail and also helps if you are using the mailbox with managers.

[Get Mail] will give you all the mail in the mailbox either in a folder (if give folder is set to On) or individually.

In addition the mailbox also checks for no-copy and no-transfer items and provides a warning. If a no-transfer item is present it will only be given to the owner of the mailbox (managers will just be informed).

Meaningful notifications

Instead of just sending you a message saying “you got mail” the Easy Mailbox 2 reads the notecard and sends you the text, name of the notecard, creator of the notecard and the mailbox location.

The notification is limited to approximately 700 characters which should cover most notecards. In case of items or unreadable notecards you get the same message but with the item type or “unreadable message” instead.

Discord messages are limited to approximately 2000 characters and also include the notecard creator (url of the embed) and the mailbox location at the bottom of the message.

The same goes for email messages.

Online Only (notifications)

To help you from getting IM capped the Easy Mailbox 2 has the option to only send notification when you are online (this can be turned on or off by every manager individually). This only affects IM notifications and not Discord or Email.

If you have “Online Only” set to On and you got mail during the period that you where offline you will get a notification as soon as you login.


The hovertext on the Easy Mailbox 2 can be setup in 3 different ways:

  • Always show the hovertext.
    (hover = On, hover_on_new = Off)
  • Show the hovertext only when there is new mail (hovertext disappears when you get the new mail).
    (hover = On, hover_on_new = On)
  • No hovertext.
    (hover = Off)

Inside the _Config notecard (in the contents tab of your mailbox) you can customize the hovertext, color, etc. This includes the “Thank you” hovertext after someone drops a item in your mailbox.

User menu

Avatars that click your mailbox are provided with (optional) a blue dialog menu.

The text and the “Get Notecard” button in the blue dialog menu can be customized. The (optional) “Get Notecard” button gives the avatar a (customizable) notecard that they can fill in and drop into your mailbox.

Link example script

Included with the Easy Mailbox 2 is a full perm _Link example script that adds a particle effect and sound when a new mail is added to your mailbox.

You can edit this script to change the particle effect and/or sound or you can remove it if you do not want a particle and sound effect.

The Basic Model (Mailbox)

The Mailbox 2 is sold as a “Installer” and comes with a Basic Mailbox Model.
To setup your Easy Mailbox 2 the only thing you need to do is rez it next to the installer, count to 10 and you are done.

The advantage of this is that you will only have to buy the Easy Mailbox 2 ones.
Different Mailboxes are sold separately as add-ons. This way you only pay for what you want and don’t pay full price for each Mailbox.