Easy Greeter 2 – Manual

The Easy Greeter 2 is the next version of the Easy Greeter, bringing you the maximum features with the minimum lag! On of the biggest changes in the new greeter is the sensorless scanner that allowed you to scan any area you want. It can scan a full sim or even cover a range of 10.000 meters.

What’s in the box

  • Easy Greeter 2
    The item that does all the work.
  • Easy Greeter 2 Remote Menu (Click)
    A sign that you can click to get the menu of the greeter.
  • Easy Greeter 2 Remote Menu (Collision) aka Welcome Mat
    A welcome mat that gives you the menu of the greeter.
  • Easy Greeter 2 Selector
    To select an area for when you use the Box scan mode. This gives you the data you need to copy&past into Set Box

_Config notecard

The first thing you want to do when setting up your greeter is to edit the notecard inside of the greeter (laptop). Make sure you know the basics about editing _Configuration notecards: http://www.bobscreations.com/the-basics-manual/

Inside the _Config notecard you setup your buttons (of the blue dialog menu your visitors get greeted with).

The only exception is server_id, which you find at the top of the notecard. This is used for when you have more greeters and remote menu signs rezzed. Both the Remote Menu (Click) and the Remote Menu (Collision) also have a _Config notecard with the server_id. This is used to let the scripts know which Remote Menu item needs to connect to which greeter.

Welcome message (chat)
msg1 =, msg2 =, etc. Here you put the welcome message people get in chat as soon as they get greeted.
One line in the notecard can be maximum 255 characters long. That is why there are 5 lines (msg1 to msg5) for you to fill in (optional).

Inside the text of the welcome message, blue dialog menu text and some of the data options on the buttons you can use the following tags:
[nl] this gets replaced with a new line (a enter).
[name] this gets replace with the first name of the avatar

Blue Dialog Menu Text

text1, text2. Here you enter the text that shows in the blue dialog menu.
The maximum length of the the text in the blue dialog menu is 512 characters (that includes the text free memory and menu timeout).

Withing SL you can use link tags (ex: in chat, menus, your profile). These are made like this: [http://www.bobscreations.com Website]
Just copy past that in local chat and you will see what i mean.

_Config Buttons

The Easy Greeter 2 lets you setup 12 buttons. If you want less buttons just don’t fill them in. Do however not remove the lines completely. If you for example don’t want button 6 just make sure there is nothing behind btn6_text =.

Do note that the _Config notecard is partially filled in with buttons. These are there as examples. You can change or remove them to your liking. You can also remove the landmarks inside the greeters inventory.

Buttons consist of 3 configuration lines:
_text (btn1_text =)
_action (btn1_action =)
_data (btn1_data =)

This is the text on the button (ex: btn1_text = Landmark).

This is what the button does (the buttons action) (ex: btn1_action = item).

This is the data (or configuration) for the action. If the _action is item then _data would hold the name of the item. The item has to be added to the greeters inventory (contents).

Button examples

Give item
btn1_text = Landmark
btn1_action = item
btn1_data = Name_of_landmark

Give Folder
btn1_text = Welcome Pack
btn1_action = folder
btn1_data = Folder_name | item1, item2, item3

btn1_text = CLOSE
btn1_action = close
btn1_data =

btn1_text = Join Group
btn1_action = msg
btn1_data = Join group: secondlife:///app/group/7d734e35-55bc-f7db-4f66-c7389071ae83/about

btn1_text = Website
btn1_action = url
btn1_data = Some_text | http://www.bobscreations.com

btn1_text = API
btn1_action = api
btn1_data = test
The API is for advanced users. Inside the greeter you will find a mod API script. This is to create your own custom functions.

btn1_text = Bot
btn1_action = bot
btn1_data = invite | Everyone
Make sure to add your bot in the blue dialog menu. Everyone refers to the group role. You can change this to a other existing role in your group (assuming your bot has permission to invite to this role).

Owner / Manager Menu

Ones you are done with setting up the notecard you can click the greeter and finish the setup from the blue dialog menu.

Scan delay
The amount of seconds after detecting an avatar before they get greeted. You generally want to give people a min of two to rez before giving them a menu.

How long to remember avatars for. Avatars have to leave for a x amount of time before they will be greeted again. This prevents spamming avatars that visit your location multiple times.
You can set this to up to 43200 minutes (1 month) meaning they would only get the menu one time a month.

Here you add the data of your Smartbot or Corrade bot.

To prevent capping you, you only get message when you are online. Notifications are avatar based, meaning that you and or your managers have to turn them on individually.