Easy Click and Wear Demo PRO

Let your customers try out demos without giving them any inventory to unpack and go through.

The Easy Click and Wear Demo PRO lets your customers directly wear your demos without having to unpack something and there inventory remains clean.

The Easy Click and Wear Demo PRO automatically detects the body of the user and matches it with the clothing items in its inventory. When you have a item loaded that matches the users (customers) body all they need to do is click on “Attach demo”.

Optionally they can change the body by clicking on “Body select”. The body select menu will also be given if the Automatic body detector is turned off or if there is no mesh body found.

It is capable of attaching multiple items (ex: complete outfits) including HUD’s. Or if you just want to for example attach HUD’s and not clothes you can even disable the body menu.

And there are a ton more features making The Easy Click and Wear Demo PRO and easy and hazel free experience for your customers.


The Easy Click and Wear Demo PRO rezzes your item and attaches this to the customers avatar. Scripts that do this can be relatively dangerous. The Easy Click and Wear Demo PRO implements many security features making it one of the safest rezzers on the grid. Apart from using high grade encryption to communicate it also prevents customers from using multiple Easy Click and Wear Demo PRO’s at the same time.

Do note that since The Easy Click and Wear Demo PRO has to rez your items before attaching them to the customer you do need to have prims available on your land (not that many since as soon as the item is attached it is no longer rezzed).

Your items will be attached as Temporary Attachments. This means that your customers wont actually get your item and that it wont show up in there inventory. So there is no need to add demo scripts or attach ugly demo prims to your clothes.

Facts about Temporary Attachments

  • They do not show in your inventory.
  • Items inside of the temporary attachment that are no-copy cant be dragged to the users inventory (this is a good way to protect your scripts and other items inside of your demo).
  • RLV doesn’t work.
  • The disappear after re-logging
  • They cant teleport you.
  • When moving to a other parcel that doesn’t have the experience set (that was used to attach it) it automatically gets removed.

Easy Setup

The setup process is made as simple and easy as possible. All you need to do is drop one script in your items, slightly rename them (including the mesh body and attachment point) and drop them in The Easy Click and Wear Demo PRO.

For a full list of features and the complete setup process have a look at the manual here: http://www.bobscreations.com/easy-click-and-wear-demo-pro-manual/

Support & more information

I provide support with all my products. If you have any questions please contact me in-world when i am online or use my mailbox.

As this is quite a special product and as different stores have different needs i also offer small customization with this product. Contact me about this for more information.