Easy Click and Wear Demo PRO – Manual

The first thing you need to do is set the BobsCreations experience on your land (where you want the Easy Click and Wear Demo PRO to work).

The Easy Click and Wear Demo PRO will only work on land with the experience and items will only remain attached when people remain on land with the experience set. When someone moves to a other parcel that doesn’t not have the experience set the items will be dettached.

Ones you unbox the product you will have a “Easy Click and Wear Demo PRO” prim containing 2 scripts and note notecard and a “_Object Attach” script.

The “_Object Attach” script needs to be set to no-copy. Do this in your inventory.

The “Easy Click and Wear Demo PRO” prim is fine as it is. You can however drag the scripts and notecards to your inventory and add them to a other prim.

The “Easy Click and Wear Demo PRO” prim

In here you add your items (clothes, HUD’s, etc). But before adding you items you may want to have a look at the 2 notecards first.

_Bodies notecard

Inside the bodies notecard you will find all the bodies that can be detected. You can add or remove bodies from this notecard.

The structure of the notecard is:
Search string 1
Search string 2

The body tag identifies the body and also goes in the names of your items (ex: Shirt (Legacy F) #1).

The search string is what the body detector scans for. This text is part of a actual mesh bodies name.
For example: my mesh body (in my inventory) has the name “[BODY] Legacy (m) (1.2)”. In the notecard you will find “[BODY] Legacy (m)”. We do not use the entire name intentionally since the ” (1.2)” part might not always be the same for everyone.

Also take note of the search strings “[BODY] Legacy (f) (” and “[BODY] Legacy (f) Pregnancy”. The ( at the end is not a typo. Without it it would match the other body to.

TIP: to find out names of other mesh bodies that are not listed in the _Bodies notecard get the demo of that mesh body (as almost always they have exactly the same name with just the word demo added to the end).

_Config notecard

Inside the _Config notecard you will find additional settings that you can change.

Depending on user feedback this notecard will most likely get additional settings (customization options) in future versions.

The main thing you want to change in this notecard is “category =”. The category is there to categorize the items inside of your Easy Click and Wear Demo PRO and allows items to be replaced on users without them needing to detach them first.

If for example you add an outfit to the Easy Click and Wear Demo PRO consisting of a shirt and pants you want to change the category to for example “shirt,pants”. When a user then clicks a other Easy Click and Wear Demo PRO that for example only contains a hat and has the category hat (category = hat) then the outfit wont get replaced. If after that they click a other Easy Click and Wear Demo PRO again that only contains hat’s as well then only the hat gets replaced (and the outfit will be felt alone).

Body and body_scan is something you generally want to leave on if you use the Easy Click and Wear Demo PRO for clothes. However if you do plan to use the Easy Click and Wear Demo PRO for other items with which the body is not relevant like jewelry, hats, HUDs you can disable body and body_scan.

Adding your items

With all the items you add to the “Easy Click and Wear Demo PRO” prim you need to:

  • Add the “_Object Attach” script (no-copy) to your items contents.
  • Change the name of the object to include the attachment point at the end (ex: Object #2).
    Attachment point numbers: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlAttachToAvatarTemp
  • When body is on add the body tag to the name (ex: Object (Legacy M) #2).

You may also use the body tag (all). This is useful for HUD’s that you want to attach regardless of the body.
In other words, the (all) tag means attach with “all bodies”.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After you drop the “_Object Attach” script into your item do not attach it as this will break the script! If for what ever reason you do attach an item with the script in it make sure to reset the script from the content window before adding it to the Easy Click and Wear Demo PRO prim.

The permissions of your items are quite irrelevant as the user wont actually get your item. The permissions of the contents of your items is relevant. To protect the contents of your items you want to set the permissions to no-copy. This prevents people from being able to drag it to there inventory.