Easy Book – Create your own books, magazines, newspapers, photo albums, etc.

Create “real books” with up to 400 pages in minutes with the Easy Book. The Easy Book doesn’t just look and sound like a book but has been build to work just like a real book. If a book in SL doesn’t give you the feeling that you are reading a real book, then why read it at all? How would it be different from a E-Book?

Regardless of how many or how few pages your book has, the Easy Book is always 6 LI. This mean that you will have no problems rezzing your books or even leaving them rezzed to read them.
This is not the case with most “book creators” as you often end up with a book that consists of hundreds of prims/LI.

The Easy Book also comes with a menu where you can select a specific page (by typing in a number) and where you can set who can access your book when its rezzed in world (Owner, Group or Everyone).
By default this menu button is hidden when the book is rezzed and only shows when someone wears the book as a HUD (customizable).
Who has ever seen a book in real life lying around somewhere with a menu button on it? I haven’t!

Easy books also remember what page you where reading last. If you close your book on a certain page it will remember it and automatically flip back to that page when you open it.

Easy to Edit

The Easy book comes in 3 sizes: A4, 4:3 and Square. You can however edit the book easily to match the size you want. If you know how to edit a few linked prims you will know how to edit the Easy Book.

Included in the box are the textures (full perm) that are used on the sample book.

The Easy Book uses prim based mathematical equations to position all its prims. So if you mess up the book when you reposition the prims all you need to do is reset the scripts and your book will fix itself.

You can also link your own prims to the Easy Book if you want to do so.

Easy Setup

Setup is as easy as dragging your textures into the book, clicking a button, copy&past and done!
Your texture UUID’s are encrypted so people cant simply copy your texture UUID’s from the notecard.

Extra Buttons

For those that want additional buttons on there Book there are 6 optional buttons you can setup to do anything you want. A full perm example script is included.

Quality Support

Regardless of the Easy Book being very easy to setup. There may always be something you do not understand. If that happens do not hesitate to contact me.