Custom Scripts

Looking for something that doesn’t exist? Or simply cant find that script that is just what you need then you can always contact me in-world (mailbox in main store when i am offline) and ask me for a quote.

Do make sure to have a look at the “For Builders” area in my main store as you might find what you need right there.

I also have a variety of scripts for people with basic scripting knowledge. Apart from making it easy to create your item these scripts also take care of most of the work and “the hard part” of scripting.

Take for example the Master Texture HUD which allows you to setup a fully customized HUD just like if you would pay someone to script you one from scratch. Mayor difference is that setting up a fully customized HUD is only a fraction of the work and the Master Menu PRO and Master Change PRO can be used in many more projects. I don’t feel like writing the same code over and over again and i am sure you don’t feel like paying for the same code over and over again.