Collars – OpenCollar+ 8.2.3 (Mod 1.02)

The Collars that you can find in my store contain a modified version of OpenCollar that includes the Easy RLV Area (HUD). This means that the Easy RLV Area HUD is not needed when wearing one of these collars.

The Easy RLV Area is integrated into OC as a App and contains a few modifications to work together with OC. However it is important to note that the Easy RLV Area still retains its own Trusted list (for security reasons).

In addition to the Easy RLV Area integration this version of OC contains various bug fixes, is fully preconfigured and comes with 10 Apps.

Disclaimer: BobsCreations is in no way affiliated with OpenCollar.
More information on OpenCollar can be found here:

OC Apps

  • Capture
  • Bell
  • Titler
  • Badwords
  • Detach
  • Outfits
  • RLV Area (Easy RLV Area)
  • Bookmarks
  • Cage Home
  • Undress


At the time of writing this post the Collars contain the latest OC version (8.2.3). If a newer OC version is available it is not recommended you update your Collar. Updating your Collar using the standard OC updater will break some features and will most likely reintroduce the bugs that are fixed in the modded version. I will release updates when needed and you can get them for free by just requesting a redelivery in my store or on marketplace.