Easy Pose – Manual

The ultimate low lag and easy to use pose ball script for builders. License: The script needs to be made either no copy or no transfer. You may use these scripts (as copy – no transfer or transfer – no copy) with your creations and sell these creations. It is not permitted to resell or distribute the scripts themselves. Setup instructions: Rez the” Easy Pose Scripts” box and copy its contents to your inventory. Make the scripts either no copy or no transfer. Drag and drop the Scripts, notecards and pose balls from your inventory to the contents of the object you want to add the “Easy Pose” to. Add the animations to the object. Edit the “_Easy Pose Menu” notecard (add menu buttons, animations etc) and save it. (More instructions in the “_Easy Pose Menu” notecard) Click your item and select a Pose from the menu. Go to options

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