Avatar Lag Scanner

Reduce crashes and fix teleport problems by removing laggy attachments. The Avatar lag Scanner gives you a list of your 10 most laggy attachments.

In addition to fixing teleport problems and reducing crashes you are making SL a more pleasurable experience for others since when you have a high stream or script cost you are also causing lag to others.

Important note: Having a low lag avatar doesn’t mean you have a bad looking avatar. As you can see, i have a full mesh body, head, clothes, hair, etc and i am bellow 100.0000 Stream cost.

Stream MODE

To start scanning click the STEAM MODE button. This will give you a list of your most laggy attachments and the total amount of stream cost your avatar takes.

First of all (after clicking Stream MODE) have a look at your total.
If you have a number bellow 100.0000 everything is fine and you don’t need to do anything.
If you have a number between 100.000 and 200.000 there is definitely room for improvement.
If you have a number over 200.000 you are lagging and causing other people to lag.

After removing a attachment you can click the STEAM MODE button again for the list to update.

Do note that there’s numbers are relative to your situation and avatar and that they are only a guideline. However any number over 200.000 is definitely not recommended. If you have a excellent computer and internet connection (both upload and download speed) having a high number will affect you a lot less. None the less they do have a impact on the sims you are in and can therefore cause lag regardless of your hardware setup.

Print List

If you want to store the results of the scanning you can click on Print List to get the data in (private) local chat. You could for example copy past this to a notecard if you wish to do so.

Script MODE

Script mode gives you a list of your most laggy attachment based on scripts. This mode also shows you the total script cost of your HUD’s. It however cant scan your HUD’s (it can only give you the total) due to technical limitations implemented by Secondlife.

Do note that Stream MODE also includes script in its calculations. Therefore Script MODE is a little less relevant and if you simple want to lower your lag using Stream MODE is enough. It is however a good mode to check the total script cost of your HUD’s and to how much influence the scripts have on your items. As often the highest numbers in Script MODE match those of Stream MODE.

Again the numbers in Stream MODE are much more important but here some numbers anyways.
Bellow 0.000100 everything is fine and you don’t need to do anything.
Over 0.000100 this way to much for any avatar, even when wearing 10+ HUD’s. Some HUD or attachment might be improperly scripted or you have items with to many scripts in them.

Click more then ones

Both scan MODES return live data and you can update the data by simple clicking the button again. Keep in mind that after you teleport or the first minutes after you login these numbers can change drastically due to scripts in the attachments or HUD’s that activate or reset.

It recommended to wait atleast 5 minutes after you teleport before using the Avatar Lag Scanner. And to do a second scan a few minutes later to see if the total is still rougly the same (which is usualy the case).