Auto Outfit Changer

Automatically attach and/or detach folders when you teleport to a specific parcel or sim.
Easy setup true notecard. The notecard lets you setup over 100 locations.

Quick Setup Guide

Before anything else make sure you have RLV enabled and that you have a RLV enabled viewer (like for example Firestorm).

To enable RLV you first need to enable the advanced menu in preferences (for Firestorm see picture above).

After turning on the advanced menu you will have the Advanced option in your menu bar (viewer restart may be required).

To Enable RLV simply click on RestraindLove API (see picture above). You will be prompt to restart your viewer.

Setup your RLV folder

Inside the HUD (Contents tab) you will find a _Config notecard that contains a example. This example looks for a folder (inside your #RLV folder) called “Auto Outfit Changer”. Change this to whatever you like just make sure that it matches your SL inventory like in the example picture bellow.

If for some reason (after enabling RLV and restarting the viewer) you don’t have the #RLV folder you can manually create it. Make sure it is in your “Inventory” folder (not in a sub folder) and is exactly named #RLV. If you did it right then the icon of the folder should change (like in the picture above).

Setup a outfit

You setup a outfit based on a Sim Name or Parcel ID. If you want your outfit to change as soon as you teleport to the Sim (regardless of the parcel) you use a Sim Name and if you only want it to change on specific parcel you use a Parcel ID.

Note: when a parcel on a sim is cut the ID changes.

To get the ID of a parcel click [Print Parcel] in the blue dialog menu. This will show the Parcel ID (of the parcel/land you are standing on) in local private chat.

You will need to copy and past the Parcel ID (or Sim Name) into the _Config notecard.

Make sure that the Parcel ID (or Sim Name) is between brackets (Parentheses).
Bellow the Parcel ID you will find detach_folder and attach_folder.

The detach_folder tells the HUD what folder to detach when you arrive at the location. This folder has to exist inside of your #RLV folder.

The attach_folder tells the HUD what folder to attach when you arrive at the location. This folder has to exist inside of your #RLV folder.

It is recommended that you use a root folder for the detach_folder and a sub folder for the attach_folder like in the example. The detach function includes all sub folders. So “detach_folder = Auto Outfit Changer” will detach all the items in all the sub folders that are in the “Auto Outfit Changer” folder (ex.:Auto Outfit Changer/2).

Optionally you can leave the detach_folder empty if you don’t want to detach anything. Do however not remove the “detach_folder =” part, just make sure there is nothing behind the =.

Auto Detach

Auto detach is best used when you don’t set a detach_folder. When Auto Detach is set to Off your outfit will only change when you arrive at a location that has been setup in the _Config notecard. When you set Auto Detach to On the HUD will automatically detach outfits that have been attached by the HUD when you teleport to a location that has not been setup in the _Config notecard.

Note that when you teleport from a location to location that both have been setup in the _Config notecard the Auto Detach function will not work. It will only trigger when you teleport to a location that has not been setup in the _Config notecard.

Therefore it is recommended you either use the detach_folder with Auto Detach set to Off or you leave the detach_folder blank and set Auto Detach to On.