Making a script that works is easy, making a script that works, uses the minimum amount of sim resources and has a great speed and performance is a little more complicated.

In every script i make i put a lot of time and effort in making sure the script uses the minimum amount of sim resources needed and has a great speed and performance.
In short this just means you will have a quality, fast and lag free product.

I have over 10 years of experience scripting in SecondLife and am a dedicated php,java programmer in real life for over 22 years now.
I really enjoy scripting to say the least and i love to put my php and java experience into SecondLife, wish usually results in writing extremely complex script functions to circumvent SecondLife scripting limitations.

Every script i sell has been written by me and has been optimized to use minimal sim resources (lag free) and have a optimal speed and performance.

Scripting vs spelling

Scripting is something i enjoy and that comes easy for me. English spelling however not.
In advance i want to apologize for my spelling mistakes on this website and in SecondLife.
English is not my first language but i do my best, and i am pretty sure you understand my writing.

Custom scripts

Since i barely have enough time to finish my own projects i don’t take on any new large projects.
However i do consider doing small custom scripts and small product modifications.

I understand that difference between a small project and a large project is difficult/impossible to estimate for a non-scripter.
Sometimes what you think is a large project is just a few lines of code, and what you think is a small project is over a thousand lines of code.

Best is to just contact me (explaining what you want in as much details as possible) and i will get back to you.