I started PHP scripting (web development) in the year 2000 as a hobby. It started with making simple websites from scratch for myself and friends to starting my own business and creating fully customized back-ends for small businesses.

I always enjoyed scripting so the logical thing for me to do when i joined Second Life was to look at Second Life scripting (LSL). A long story short, i got hooked. Not only is LSL very different from other programming languages like PHP it is also a lot of fun.
I figure some people are thinking: how can you find scripting fun? But i guess you could say the same about painting. We all enjoy different things.

After creating many scripts for myself, friends and after have being told “why don’t you sell your scripts?” hundreds of times i started BobsCreations in 2010.

In every script i make a put a lot of time and effort to make sure it uses the minimum amount of sim resources and that it has a great speed and performance. Bottom line is everyone wants a quality, fast and lag free product.

My scripts are 100% written by me. I do not use or modify existing scripts or have a bunch of monkeys in my basement that write them for me.

After more then 10 years of writing scripts on a almost daily bases and creating a uncountable amount of scripts i still love scripting. I do have my preference on creating new and unique things that initially seem to complicated or even impossible. The more challenging the better.

I am also a fan of problem solving what scripting is concerned. This has led to the creation of many of my products. Have a problem, missing something in SL (that can be scripted)? Don’t hesitate and drop a notecard in my suggestion box.

– Bobsknief Orsini